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Battle Pass Season 18, Weekly PvM Races, Superior Demon, Titan Forge Changes, Upgraded Elemental & MORE!

8th June, 2024

Greetings Exorians,

As always, I'd like to start with thanking our community, I always appreciate the feedback and support. To the new players, I'm glad you're giving Exora the chance! We're soon approaching our 3rd year anniversary, which is on the 30th of July. Eager to do some big giveaways on our anniversary, and holding lots of events throughout the day!

Now let's get to the part you've been waiting for. This update will introduce a new way to show-off some competitiveness with our weekly PvM races, which reward you with credits and raid chests. We've also got some exciting updates for the end-game players such as the new Superior Demon and the upgraded elemental heirloom. There's also a bunch of changes to Titan forge (specifically for early mid-gamers), new added donator benefits, Battle Pass SS18 and some more stuff! We'll go over them in this update log as always.

Donation Events
As for the new Summer donation deals, only changes we've made are for the packages above 750. Those will now contain regular scoria weaponry, and packages above 2000 will contain goliath weaponry. You can find our donation deals here:

50% Bonus Credits
We're also enabling 50% guaranteed extra credits for a limited time, starting today. You can read more about it here:

Now, let's get to the update log!

Content Additions

Weekly PvM Race
I've always wanted to introduce some sort of competitiveness in Exora, that isn't PvP (for now). We're a very heavy PvM server, so it only makes sense to have some sort of competition in PvM. I'm excited to see if you guys are interested in it, and hope you'll enjoy it. Depending on the feedback we're most likely gonna be adding more competition in the game, mainly aiming at raids but of course can be anywhere else.

Every Monday, a monster or boss is chosen (all within the monster collection log, with the exception of superiors). Top 3 players with the highest killcount until the following monday will be rewarded. After which it will reset, and pick a new monster. In order to enter the weekly race, you must participate via the button on the information section.

Note that on update day, there will be no race until the upcoming Monday.

Now, the rewards will most likely be changing every 2 weeks (or 1 month) depending on feedback. Here are the rewards:

  • #1
    200 Credits, x2 Undying Vengeance Raid Chest, x3 Argus Raid Chests
  • #2
    100 Credits, x2 Undying Vengeance Raid Chest, x3 Argus Raid Chests
  • #3
    50 Credits, x1 Faceless Raid Chest, x1 Argus Raid Chest

Superior Demon
The Superior Demon is an instanced boss fight that can only be killed once in the instance. You can access it by opening the Door in the Superior Demon Lair. You'll need a superior demon key, which is dropped by high-end superior monsters and all boss superiors.

Since the fight is gated by RNG via superiors, its drops are significantly boosted and contains lots of valueables. You're guaranteed to receive the following at a minimum: x5-8 Superior Essence, x4-6 Superior Fury Essence, 50-100M Coins, 50-125 Elemental Dusts, 100-250 Titanite Shards. Its droptable also contains superior and regular fail-safes, raid chests, increased chances at hanto's memories and trinket.

The Superior Demon is now also in the Hiscores, and Collection log. Completing the log will give you an overall of 10% increased superior chance. Overall meaning (both boss and regular superiors)

Upgraded Elemental
The final elemental heirloom. We're not doing any more upgrades for the heirloom, as it reached the point of power creep a bit too much. But no worries, we've made it worth it to obtain and is a very nice chase-item. You can obtain the Upgraded elemental heirloom via the Titan forge, in the Equipment category. Its success chance is extremely low, at 5%.

Battle Pass Season 18
Time really does fly! We've got something spicy for Summer. In total you can obtain 2 Summer Fail-safes, 1 Regular Superior Fail-safe, Polychrome pets, the new Rubber Duck Shoulder pet (which increases XP rate), and we're re-introducing the SS3 set,

"The Lightbringer"

If you're new and would like to learn more about Battle Pass.
Check out our Wiki blog:


Titan Forge
We've made some changes to some equipment and weaponry success rate. Mainly to help out the players at the mid-game for upgrades. This will make it less tedious to get that upgrade, and no chance to lose your materials. And acts as a good way to introduce players to the Titan Forge. I know it can be a bit scary!

  • The Event & Materials category have been removed from the Titan Forge Collection Log.
  • All Titanite, Orthite and Nebula Equipment/Weaponry now have a 100% success chance.
  • Glorious heart now has a 100% success chance.
  • Added Upgraded Elemental Heirloom to the Equipment Category.

Task Scrolls
We've made some changes to Task Scrolls in the early scroll tiers.

  • Significantly lowered the amount required to complete task scroll for both the Skilling and Killing.

Donator Benefits
We've decided to add some more donator benefits for the higher-end as they're a bit lacking. We're planning on potentially adding more.

  • Increased overall Superior chance
    Divine: 5% Increase
    Eternal: 2.5% Increase
    Immortal: 1% Increase
  • Increased Battle Pass XP
    Divine: 20% more battle pass XP
    Eternal: 15% more battle pass XP
    Immortal: 10% more battle pass XP
    Master: 5% more battle pass XP

Noted Items
We're slowly but surely making more items note-able. If you have some suggestions, do let us know and we'll make them note-able.

  • All Exorian equipment and weaponry can now be noted.
  • All Dark matter equipment and weaponry can now be noted.
  • All Ebonchill equipment and weaponry can now be noted.
  • Shadow wings can now be noted.
  • Dark celestial scimitar can now be noted.


  • Significantly increased the chance to receive sacrificial imp pet from Sacrificing.
  • Event trees will now yield 3-5 elemental dusts if the random event procs.
  • New players will now automatically start with a Ring of Slaying.
  • Renamed the item Elemental F to Demon F*
  • Renamed the item Nirvana's Elemental F* to Nirvana's Demon F*


  • Removal of banned accounts from the in-game Hiscores.


Thank You all for taking the time to read the update log. Hope you guys enjoy! Good luck & Have fun <3